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Baza naukowa


Baza najnowszych artykułów naukowych, głównie psychologicznych - dotyczących filmoterapii do ściągnięcia:

  1. A Study on the Impact of Film Dramas and the Mediating Effects of Emotional Modes of Film Reception and Coping Strategies
    Benedikt Till,1,2 Thomas Niederkrotenthaler,1,3 Arno Herberth,4 Martin Voracek,5 Gernot Sonneck,3,6 and Peter Vitouch2
  2. Furman_Movie&Memory
  3. Hasson_Neuron_2008
  4. Affective Incongruity and The Thin Red Line
  5. Attachment, Trauma, and the Vicissitudes of Love Circularity in Julio Medem’s Lovers of the Arctic Circle
  6. Body Movements and Audience Emotion in Mira Nair’s Filmic Bombay
  7. Cameras, Mirrors, and the Bridge Space A Winnicottian Lens on Cinema
  8. Color and Artefact Emotion in Alternative Cinema A Comparative Analysis of Gabbeh, Mirch Masala,and Meenaxi A Tale of 3 Cities
  9. Exploring the Role of Meaningful Experiences in Users’ Appreciation of “Good Movies
  10. Emotion Capture Affect in Digital Film
  11. fantasy,realism,indian cinema
  12. Folk Psychology for Film Critics and Scholars
  13. From Despair to Wonder Scenes of Transcendence in Indian Cinema
  14. How Act Structure Sculpts Shot Lengths and Shot Transitions in Hollywood Film
  15. Hum Aapke Hain Koun...! An Example of the Coding of Emotions in Contemporary Hindi Mainstream Fil
  16. In Front of the Camera, Behind the Camera Ullmann Directs Bergman
  17. On Affect, Motion, and Nonverbal Art A Case and a Theory
  18. On the Appreciation of Cinematic Adaptations
  19. On the Meaning of Style Cognition, Culture, and Visual Technique in Bimal Roy’s Sujata
  20. Pain, Sadness, Aggression, and Joy An Evolutionary Approach to Film Emotions
  21. Pakeezah Dreamscape of Desire
  22. Sensorimotor Projection, Violations of Continuity, and Emotion in the Experience of Fil
  23. Strange Contracts Elfriede Jelinek and Michael Haneke
  24. The Body of the Machine Computer Interfaces in American Popular Cinema since 1982
  25. Through the Looking Glass Philosophical Toys and Digital Visual Effects
  26. What Evolutionary Cinematics Tells Us about Film
  27. “Sick Eros” The Sexual Politics of Antonioni’s Trilogy
  28. Blendings of Real, Fictional, and Other Imaginary People
  29. Causal Understanding and Narration
  30. Emotions in Sound Audiovisual Metaphors in the Sound Design of Narrative Films
  31. Enslaving Central Executives Toward A Brain Theory of Cinema
  32. Feelings in Conflict A Clockwork Orange and the Explanation of Audiovisual Emotions
  33. Film Studies and the New Science
  34. Frankenstein, Dracula,and the Workings of Genre
  35. Meta-Emotion How Films and Music Videos Communicate Emotions About Emotions
  36. Psychoanalysis, Cinema, History Personal and National Loss in René Clément’s
  37. Forbidden Games Resisting the Psycho-Logic of Intensified Continuity
  38. Review Essay Cognitivism Goes to the Movies
  39. Review Essay Phenomenology Goes to the Movies
  40. Sensorimotor Projection, Violations of Continuity, and Emotion in the Experience of Film
  41. Soundtrack in Mind
  42. Spatial Representation in Cognitive Science and Film
  43. The Camera as a Container Jonathan Caouette’s Tarnation
  44. The Extent of Mental Completion of Films
  45. The Neuroscience of Metafilm
  46. The Part-Time Cognitivist A View from Film Studies
  47. The Perverse Cosmos of Being John Malkovich Forms and Transformations of Narcissism in a Celebrity Culture
  48. The Segmenting Spectator Documentary Structure and The Aristocrats
  49. Understanding characters understanding_characters_page_korrekturfahnen-libre -drkowane
  50. What Difference Does It Make Science, Sentiment, and Film

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